Westchester County Darter's Association

We are a recreational dart league in Southern Westchester County, New York.



This season we have 31 teams split into 4 divisions (B, C, D East and D West). The regular season meets Tuesday evenings at 8pm from October 18th 2016 to January 31st 2017. A printer-friendly version of the Fall-Winter 2016-2017 schedule is available here.

Division B

1 Spectators (Rob) 2 Saw Mill Tavern (Kenny) 3 Mickey Spillane's (Gianna) 4 Saw Mill Tavern (Danny) 5 Whiskey Creek (Peter) 6 Backyard Pub (Dalton) 7 Heavy Dee's (Chris) 8 Cornerstone (Sal)

Division C

1 Parise's (Wayne) 2 Rudy's (Max) 3 Spectators (Dave H) 4 Eastchester Inn (Steve) 5 The Pub (Jeff) 6 Lucy's (Mike) 7 The Huddle (Kevin) 8 Uncle Henry's (Debbie)

Division D East

1 Cellar Bar (Sarah) 2 Saw Mill Tavern (Rich) 3 Parise's (Craig) 4 McShane's (Scott) 5 The Huddle (Benjamin) 6 Pourhouse (Alex) 7 Duck Inn (Mo) 8 Elk's Lodge (Steve)

Division D West

1 Molly Spillane's (John) 2 McShane's (Jeff) 3 Spectators (Dave F) 4 Saw Mill Tavern (Kevin) 5 Bye 6 Dunne's (Michael) 7 Whiskey Creek (Kim) 8 Pourhouse (Max)

Standings (Team)

Division D East

Division D West

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Would you like to sponsor or join a team? Send us an email at info@wcdarts.com.